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TribesforGOOD develops the potential of individuals as changemakers, through our culturally immersive, educational and impactful experiences in India.

Campus Ambassador: Your participation supports local initiatives!

Can travel be a force of good and

help women break vicious cycles of poverty?


27% women in india are in workforce compared to 79% men


Women earn only 77 cents for every dollar that men get for the same work


28 million born between 2005 and 2010 will become child brides by 2030


Our Programs

Travel to scale social enterprises in India

The Social Impact Journey is a 7-day experience in Mumbai for individuals who are interested in the social impact space, entrepreneurship and innovation. Each Social Impact Journey comprises of 5 workshops, 4 field visits and 1 hackathon.

The Young Changemakers program is for young people, with little to no experience, who want to make a difference in their communities but aren’t sure how. The Young Changemakers program addresses just that. The program is a 2 month part time virtual program where you’ll learn everything you need to know about setting up your own social enterprise.

Be a Young Changemaker

Day Walks

Mumbai, India’s most populous city, is the entry point for many travellers but is often overlooked. The city is known as a city of contrasts with massive slums yet skyscraper homes worth millions.

Mumbai can be daunting yet there is a side to it like no other. Between the hustle and bustle of city life lies a booming social enterprise and sustainability scene that is driven by local social innovators.


  • Urban Poverty

  • Women empowerment & livelihood

  • Quality Education - Collaboration between Non-profits & Government schools

  • Sustainable Fashion

  • Menstrual Hygiene


If you are looking to learn, travel and give back, this journey is for you! You will be introduced to the most fascinating, ambitious and inspirational social entrepreneurs!  These individuals will tell their gripping story and share their innovative solutions to today’s most pressing social, cultural, and environmental challenges.This is a bucket list must!


By assisting the organizations you will be part of the process to empower people from low-income communities who have limited access to education and information. This not only impacts individuals but their dependents and future generations too. 



Fill the application form  showing your interest. 



December: 21st -27th, 2019


Fort Mumbai, India


Program Fee

Rs 22,000

1 Social Innovation:

Empowering Women

Understand the role of women startups and social enterprises in India. Stunted by both, cultural norms - in a society that frequently sees women as simply homemakers, cleaners, mothers, daughters, and wives - as well as a lack of financial independence, women in low-income communities are ill-disposed to break the cycle of their poverty. Fortunately, there is reason for optimism. 

 Understand how innovative social enterprises are disrupting the status quo. This journey is ideal for those who are passionate about social change and looking to transition into a new impact-focused career or advance their understanding of social impact. The social enterprise strategy combines a social mission with its commercial activities, a trait that sets it apart from traditional non-profits. 

Discover 'you' as a changemaker

 The best way to reverse that feeling of 'not sure how' is to contribute your strengths to solve the issues that bother you.  

We travel off the beaten path to speak directly with community leaders, see local innovations in action, and understand how progress is being lead from the ground up - the centers of innovation. 

You get a chance to work with local entrepreneurs on causes close to your heart and solve some of the most pressing issues in India. Projects will range from marketing, fundraising, writing proposals and design solutions. 


Changemakers Trained




Social Enterprises


5 Things I Learnt on TribesforGOOD's Social Impact Journey!


Coming to India and finding TribesforGOOD


Exploring the realm of Social Impact - A week with TribesforGOOD

We organise customized social impact journeys for individuals and groups. Each social impact journey is  focussed on 3 sustainable development goals.

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supports local