Why we exist?


There is no CLEAR STARTING POINT for anyone who wants to give back.

Information Asymmetry

Social impact space is unorganised with information generally scattered which makes it difficult for an individual to stay committed to a cause 

Lack of skilled talent

More than 50% of NGOs/ Social enterprises are run by founders who are unable to hire ‘skilled talent’

TribesforGOOD is a platform where individuals learn and take action on the ‘Real Issues - social/ environmental’ that they care about locally as well as globally. 

"When coming together to do anything great, it always helps when people offer themselves selflessly towards a cause." Today, while robots and Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world, we are carving out a unique niche for social causes, fuelling multitudes of innovative social enterprises around the world.

Tribes represents a group of changemakers, do gooders who want to reduce the disparity in our world. We are a group of individuals who want to do GOOD!  We bridge the talent gap faced by social change organizations in India by connecting them to an international talent pool of students, millennials and early retirees.

Mandeep Kaur

Program Director - India

Operations - Hong Kong

Zubin J. Mirchandani

Leadership & Business Advisor

Santosh Phad

Program Director - France

Adelina K

Volunteer - Berlin

Our Advisors

Deepa Krishnan

Founder- Magic Tours

Social Entrepreneur and Educator

Anusha Bharadwaj

Founder- Director SoCH and Executive Director VOICE4Girls

An IIM alumnus, Deepa spent 18 years in the corporate world, mainly in the areas of financial services and banking. In 2006, she quit and founded Magic Tours, a responsible tourism company that upskills and employs students from low-income neighborhoods in Mumbai and Delhi. Magic Tours is currently the largest guided tours company in the inbound tourism sector in India. They partner with several non-profits, and work on rainwater management in tribal villages. Deepa is also the head of Abhyudaya, a non-profit that works for the education and livelihood of 500+ underprivileged children in Mumbai. She is the founder of Abhyudaya Community Initiative, a women’s self-help group that works with textile crafts.

Anusha is the Founder Director of SoCh for Social Change and she is passionate about enabling and empowering the next generation of social impact leaders to find their cause and chart their path. Anusha has been a development sector professional since 2002. As Executive Director of VOICE 4 Girls, Anusha lead a group of passionate individuals at VOICE 4 Girls, a social enterprise that educates and empowers marginalized adolescent girls with the vision to eliminate gender inequality and violence. She is an Asia Pacific Leadership Fellow (2013-14), East West Center, USA, Harvard-Dasra Social Impact Leadership Program (2014-15) and the Cordes Fellowship (2017). 

Pradeep is the former CEO of HelpYourNGO and director Citibank. With more than 25 years of experience across organisations he succesfully served as the CEO of a non-profit for more than 4 years bringing transparency to the in the social sector. With this, donors feel more comfortable in giving money to charities. As an advisor he is helping TribesforGOOD grow its day immersions.

Pradeep Mahtani

ex CEO HelpYourNGO and

Director Citibank

We are on a MISSION to..

Inspire a generation who wants to work in and for social enterprises and impact businesses.

Our Vision

We want to build an ecosystem that facilitates the creation of changemakers who bridge the talent gap faced by Social Enterprises and Nonprofits.

Our Assurance

Theory of Change 

Our partner selection is stringent and we work with organisations that have a proven theory of change and are accredited by Guidestar, and HelpYourNGO.

Glocal organisation

TribesforGOOD's founding team members are from India and Canada. Having worked in the social impact space for over a decade, in countries around the world, we are experts in designing cross cultural experiences.  

Co-create & Co-invest 

Our experiences are co-created with local changemakers and social enterprises in India. We are mindful of the needs of aspiring changemakers.

Our programs are best suited for





Our Team - We are TribesforGOOD!

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TribesforGOOD develops the potential of individuals as changemakers, through our culturally immersive, educational and impactful experiences in India.

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