Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath 

away. TribesforGOOD is a platform for those who want to make a difference. Our programs are designed to inspire, challenge and bring bright individuals together from across the globe. Social Impact Journeys are week-long curated expeditions of discovery, insights and reciprocation in India. We focus on interactive and experiential learning to enhance your business skills as well as strategic thinking as a key to solving environmental, economic and social challenges of the 21st Century.

Social Impact Journey

Your pathway to be a changemaker.

Global Education Program

Learn innovative new approaches and solutions to social and environmental issues.


Gearing you for the real world .

Social Innovation: Empowering Women

16-22 March


In India alone, there are over 2 million social impact businesses all working to develop solutions to the country’s most pressing social and environmental issues. More than 50% of these businesses are understaffed, leaving an opportune pool where businesses could be doubling their impact.

We as a society count on you, Leaders and High achievers to perform at your highest. According to Gallup, only 31.5% (USA) or 13% (Worldwide) of employees are actively engaged in their jobs. This means that the overwhelming majority of people are not even close to working at their true potential. So whether you are a CEO, Startup Founder, professional or on a career break, the sessions by experienced International Leadership Coaches will help you discover your role as a changemaker. 

The sessions will be conducted in groups of 5 participants.

We believe when leaders meet the 'real people' behind the statistics, they will not just be inspired but motivated to lead and bring in change. We travel off the beaten path to speak directly with community leaders, see local innovations in action, and understand how progress is being lead from the ground up - the centers of innovation. Workshops on social enterprise ecosystem in India, sustainable development goals, local issues, and approaches by local innovators will be led by subject matter experts who are seasoned professionals and thought leaders in their respective fields.

One story at a time - that’s our mantra. Keep your eyes, ears and minds open as we celebrate the stories of innovators, business run by local entrepreneurs, young tech coders, new models of education, models re-thinking poverty & gender solutions and much more.

The Hackathon will enable India’s social entrepreneurs to present their business opportunities and challenges to the group. You get a chance to work with local entrepreneurs on causes close to your heart and solve some of the most pressing issues in India. Projects will range from marketing, fundraising, writing proposals and design solutions. 

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Meet Jeanetta

Regional HR Business Partner

"Taking a career break I was seeking an alternative path to returning to the tried and trodden of the corporate career. I wanted to explore my passion project and the possibility of a transition into a social impact career. With the encouragement of TribesforGood I saw an opportunity to not only explore how I could do this but stretch and challenge myself personally. So, the first step was taken on this 10,000 mile journey to find a new meaning , a possible new direction and definitely a new adventure.

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TribesforGOOD develops the potential of individuals as changemakers, through our culturally immersive, educational and impactful experiences in India.

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