Workshop planning

1-3 weeks

Can be done Remotely 


Skills required: Communications, Writing

Teaching school children healthy habits and correct hand washing techniques is vital to their health and to ensure they are able to prevent themselves from falling sick from preventable illnesses like diarrhoea, that in India annually causes the death of more than 100,000 children.


  • Plan an interactive workshop for young kids

  • Create the flow of the workshop

  • Deliver/Facilitate the workshop at a primary school


You will be volunteering to teach young kids the importance of hygiene and handwashing with soap on a regular basis and how thoroughly rubbing the whole surface of hands, corner of nails and fingers with soap is necessary to cleanse oneself from harmful germs after using the toilet and before eating or cooking.


You will be made responsible for promoting the act of handwashing. Through this volunteer program, you will be able to not only make a lasting impact directly on those you are teaching but also on the people in their community and close family and friends, as it is likely they will pass on their newly acquired knowledge. Through this program, you will not only be saving many people from suffering from easily preventable diseases, but you will also save lives, as many individuals, particularly young children die because their lack of hygiene causes them to contract preventable illnesses annually.

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