Day Immersions

Meet inspiring grassroots innovators and leaders who are bringing in products & services to supports millions of Indians!

Learning happens on a continuum: in a classroom, at work, online, with friends and at our homes. What sometimes get missed is gaining first hand experience, meeting communities to understand grassroots innovation.


Day Immersions are high intensity, hands-on experiences that enable participants to gain an understanding of the innovative solutions offered by changemakers and interact with communities & beneficiaries.

You can choose either a Day Immersion or a longer Field Immersion.

Travel, Observe & Learn about..

local issues

Introduction to local issues and how they are affecting the local population

innovative approaches

Learn innovative new approaches and solutions to social and environmental issues



Gain a deeper understanding of Indian culture and develop skills in cultural communication and awareness.

Programs can be tailored to the learning objectives of the group and the length of time specified for the trip.

Interested in meeting with changemakers, grassroots innovators, thought leaders, experts and academics from across social enterprises and non-profits in India?

Experience their approaches, understand their challenges and interact with local communities.

This journey is an introduction for individuals who want to learn about approaches to addressing complex social problems in ways that are sustainable, scalable, and impactful.


Type: Day Experience

Duration: 3+ hours

Location: Mumbai

We all know that education is a potential game changer when it comes to poverty alleviation!

Experience the ‘Night School Transformation Program’ , a program specifically tailored to meet the needs of students who are mainly school dropouts from lower socio-economic backgrounds, most of them working during the day to support their families.

Type: Day Experience

Duration: 3 hours 

Location: Mumbai

Artisans are the backbone of India’s rural economy outside of agriculture, with an estimated 7 million artisans in India according to official figures (up to 200 million according to unofficial sources), engaged in craft production to earn a livelihood. However, propelled by loss of markets, declining skills and difficulty in catering to new markets, the number of Indian artisans has been rapidly decreasing, indicating the urgent need to re-invest in India’s artisans to safeguard history, culture and an important source of livelihood.


Type: Day Experience

Duration: 3 hours 

Location: Mumbai


We understand your requirements might be different, hence we provide customised experiences across India.

We have been curating experiences for individuals & groups in India for the past 3 years. We design customized experiences to help each and every group get the most out of their educational travel experience.

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