How it works?

The journey starts by meeting at the designated meet pointing. You will be greeted by our Program Manager who will take you and the group to the social enterprise premises/community center.  The agenda will be:

  • Introduction: Our Program Manager through an interactive session will introduce the group to the social enterprise’s program, need gaps the social enterprise is addressing, the theory of change and how they are gearing up to achieve the SDGs! (example:Understand Educational Needs of Night School Students, solutions by government, areas that need focus, solutions offered by the social enterprise)

  • Tour Facilities: Post the introduction the Program Manager will take the group through the social enterprise’s premises, facilities explaining each program in detail. Here the group can interact with the team, ask questions. The group will also experience how a night class and get a chance to speak with the beneficiaries.

  • Know the Leadership Team: After touring the facilities, the will meet the representative of the leadership team or a member of the leadership team. They will talk about their day to day challenges, how they stay inspired and most important how they are making an impact. This will be a sneak preview into the lives of changemakers.

  • Q&A: The group will have 15 minutes to ask questions to the organisation

  • Reflection: We will serve you hot or cold drinks  and encourage the participants to share their thoughts, insights & takeaways from the immersion.

Type: Day Experience

Duration: 3+ hours

Group size: maximum10

Programmes can be tailored to the learning objectives of the group and the length of time specified for the trip.

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TribesforGOOD develops the potential of individuals as changemakers, through our culturally immersive, educational and impactful experiences in India.

Campus Ambassador: Your participation supports local initiatives!

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