Educational Tours

Come on a journey to India and experience a unique educational and cultural experience.

There are moments in our lives that cause a shift, a change in mindset, an insight or learning that changes our decisions in the future. This is what TribesforGOOD educational tours are all about.


We aim to; open minds, to educate, facilitate cross-cultural learning, cultural immersion and skills development.

global issues

Understanding global issues that are affecting our world and how they link to each other

local issues

Introduction to local issues and how they are affecting the local population

innovative approaches

Learn innovative new approaches and solutions to social and environmental issues



Gain a deeper understanding of Indian culture and develop your skills in cultural communication and awareness


Community Development Tour

Learn about social issues in India

Through our community development tour you can learn about global issues and sustainable development projects in India whilst following an interactive and experiential learning programme. Activities and excursions also facilitate cultural immersion and the opportunity to gain intercultural competency.

Duration: 7 Days +


Social Enterprise Tour

Gain an understanding of 17 Sustainable Development goals!

Learn about social issues in India and the way in which social impact businesses are trying to address these issues. The program encourages interactive and experiential learning along with the facilitation of cultural immersion. Gain an insight into the buzzing and growing social enterprise scene in India and develop and pitch your own ideas during the program!

Duration: 7 Days +


Tailored Tours

 Create your perfect tour by aligning travel with the learning objectives 

As well as our planned tours we also offer tailored educational tours, which we design to incorporate your learning objectives. We offer tours within Hyderabad, Mumbai and Auroville and we work with a wide network of NGO’s, social enterprises, trainers and tour operators to provide a truly unique learning experience.

Talk to us to plan an educational tour for your school or university

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TribesforGOOD develops the potential of individuals as changemakers, through our culturally immersive, educational and impactful experiences in India.

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