Online Fundraising 

1-8 weeks

Can be done Remotely 


Skills required: Communications, Writing, Social Media 

Online fundraising strategist for an educational social enterprise


You will be put on a unique journey, tailored to your interests and skills, in which you will be able to, not only improve the immediate lives of various schools children and the conditions of their rural schools, but also be able to impact the lives of the many generations to come in Maharashtra, India!

Your vital work will allow Educational Social Enterprises to access a better educational infrastructure and provide students with a more all-round development and supportive learning environment. There, they will be exposed to quality education prompting them to grow and improve their reading, writing and communication skills. Hence, providing them with higher chances of employability and leading to a higher standard of living in the future.


  • Create an online crowdfunding campaign tailored to intended audience.

  • Work with a team to create a consistent and sympathetic text/case which represents the mission and vision of the organisation.

  • Educate audience on the importance of the cause and the necessity of the campaign.

  • Create credibility and trust amongst prospective donors through campaign.

ORGANISATION IMPACT ( The last 3 years) 

  • More than 1,500 children are benefitting from the infrastructure provided.

  • Smart education systems with multi-media content help teachers in teaching in a demonstrative way.

  • Increase in the study time of children by 300-350%.


Volunteering Length

1-3 weeks (remote/ onsite)


Application Fee: Rs 5,000/ US $75

Program Fee: Rs 10,000/ US$ 154


Applications are accepted on rolling basis.

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