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10 Reasons Why! Join our Social Impact Journey

1. It will Change your life!

Social Impact Journeys are a great opportunity to explore your potential, ask yourself big questions and to tap into your sense of purpose. You will get ample opportunities to think and find - how to participate in social change issues, be it India or back home.

2. Be empowered

By participating in a Social Impact Journey, you will begin to understand the power YOU have to change the situations around you.

3. Learn, Learn & Learn some more

You will participate in workshops run by India's innovative social entrepreneurs. Learn about

business models, unique solutions, customer acquisition strategies an impact measurement.

4. Travel – Discover beautiful India.

The Social Impact Journeys are based in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Hampi & Rishikesh where you will see a mix of urban and rural life. You will have time to do local tours of the area, including

exploring the hipster area as well as the historic.

5. Give back

This social impact journey allows you to interact with and help less fortunate

communities. In working with social enterprises like I Was a Sari and Aftertaste, who both

provide a pathway to employment where no other pathway for these women exist, you will be

changing the lives of women and their families who are helped as a result.

6. Make amazing connections

Social Impact Journeys bring together amazing, conscious individuals from all across the world. On this trip you will be able to make lasting connections with other participants and program mentors. Being on this unique trip brings people together on a deeper level and allows for deep meaningful connections. Everyone on the social impact journey is looking for a change in their lives and this truth brings immense bonding power between participants.

7. Meet the ‘real people’

Often, social issues are bound up with statistics and figures that while helpful, take away the inter-personal human connection that is so important in social work. The social impact journey remedies this. On this trip you will get to meet the people behind the statistics and begin to understand their lives and the problems they face in a more complex and meaningful way.

8. Kickstart your Social Impact career

If you are looking to get into the non-profit sector, social impact journeys are a great way to learn about how these organizations work and figure out how to get involved.

9. It’s FUN

Social impact journeys are a way for you to escape the usual humdrum of your normal

life. It’s an opportunity to make big contributions to society, learn about yourself and explore a

new place all against the beautiful backdrop of India!

10. Be inspired!

This trip surrounded by amazing individuals who dedicate their lives to helping

others can be a great inspiration to you. The push you need to make you change your status quo

and to believe in yourself.

You can participate in our Social Impact Journeys for 2019 and avail early bird offer.


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