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Coming up with a name for a new product or service is not always the easiest. You want to name your firm that closely reflects the mission and vision you wish to achieve. In my case, its linking skilled professionals with probono/volunteer work opportunities in India. Coming up with the name TribesforGOOD was no easy task. I reached out to my friends, one being Dhaval who I have always found to be extremely creative and calm. The first few names that he came up with were:

  • Terra Bueno (good earth in spanish)

  • Pueblo (town/village)

  • Pueblo Bueno (good village)

  • Hublo (combo of hubli the tribe and bueno's o - good tribe)

  • Hubli - name of a single tribe, you could choose the name of any tribe

On asking, how he came up with name he says "I come from a spiritual background. My Sadguru, Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai is my inspiration. After moving to India, a huge help for me has always been the Sangh, my spiritual tribe. When coming together to do anything great, it always helps when people offer themselves selflessly towards a cause. Today, while robots and AI take over the world, Mandeep was carving out a unique niche - social causes. Not just one, but multiple. This one organization is going to fuel multitudes of innovative social enterprises around the world and that's simply good. 

So, Tribes for Good was a very organic, natural and easy name to come up with. I like the way it flows when you say it too. I also feel it's an inviting name which draws you into the organization. Like, everyone wants to be part of a tribe for good. You know?"

His ability to understand my requirement without long questionnaires is a skill that not everyone has. If you are looking for a person to help you in designing your marketing and communications, Dhaval is the guy! You can reach him at begin begin@dpmsocial.com


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TribesforGOOD develops the potential of individuals as changemakers, through our culturally immersive, educational and impactful experiences in India.

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