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COVID-19 & Community Projects

Updated: May 26

In this unpredictable lockdown scenario, what’s trending is #usingtimewisely. And given the fact that we have time on our hands, more than we would in an ordinary circumstance – there’s so much we can do to make the most of it!

While battling this global pandemic, we have come to realise how important it is to unite as a community too. We have both seen and experienced communal strength. So what better way to spend quarantine time than working on your passion project and giving back to society? Especially at this time, when it needs you the most!

Community Work Projects for High School Students During COVID-19

We at TribesforGOOD through our Virtual Summer Program have been actively working with youth powerhouses, who have an aim of transforming their surroundings through positive contributions and innovative ideas!

Here’s a list of some game-changing projects, from our community to yours, to inspire you and give you a head start!

1) Reduction of E-waste

This project via the method of collecting old gadgets, and giving it/ renting it to people from low-income households in Coimbatore aims to reduce and recycle E-waste as much as possible!

2) Spreading Literacy

With the goal of spreading the love for science as widely as possible – this project conducts workshops for students from low-income schools to introduce them to multiple and engaging aspects of science!

3) Fashion Revolution

The fact that we aren’t aware of who makes our clothes and the true cost of what we buy; this project aims to put a stop to that and create awareness on how the fashion supply chain is fractured and the producers have become faceless.

4) Quarantine Buddy

This mental health initiative is created to support peers and check in on their emotional and mental health during lockdown – by pairing with a ‘buddy’ who will be your listener, mentor, and personal cheerleader!

5) Helping Isolated Seniors

A project that aims to reach out to the senior members of our society and provide them with the support they need such as help with medical supplies, groceries and even reminders to take their medicine on time!

So don’t wait around anymore, your vision can translate into making a huge wave of change for those who need it the most!

If you’re looking for support, tips, and resources to propel your project – we’re always here to help you!

Need more details or wish to discuss something about our summer program? Drop an email at mandeep@tribesforgood.com


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