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Leaving a positive footprint in the world and how!

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself?

A: My name is Sameer Ginotra and I am pursuing Masters of Science in Management from HHL Leipzig School of Management. I have always been inclined towards leaving a positive footprint in the world and this motivated me to contribute my core competencies for the betterment of the society. In course to fulfil my goal, I came across Tribesforgood, which happens to be a well functional and renowned social organization, impacting the social space in India. I was thoroughly impressed by their work and the impact they have created over time such that I decided to work along the initiative to contribute my efforts in the right direction of social progress.

Q: Tell us about your roles and responsibilities. How did you make use of your Marketing Background?

A:My role in the organization started off as a remote interne contributing towards the Volungearing initiative but ended up feeling like a part of the TribesforGood family as the team never failed to impress me with their calm, composed and supportive demeanour. My work comprised of designing the email newsletters and welcome campaigns to engage the subscribers through email marketing that happens to be one of the most contributing media for the social enterprise to get new subscribers and prospects. The internship lasted for two months, but the impact created through the work will be replicated into the years to come.

Although my role was limited to the email newsletters and campaign management, I didn't resist to indulge more deeply into the overall digital marketing efforts put by the team into the social sector business. I acquired and gained valuable experience and thanks to TribesforGOOD for provide me with such a valuable opportunity to work towards the better good of the society.I felt a bond with the social enterprise, which I would also like to materialize upon in the future and aim to be in association with the social organization for the years to come. I want to see it rise and shine and achieve its ambitious goals to eradicate the social inequalities in India.

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