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Online classes in the world of COVID-19. Should I still send my child to the Summer Program?

Updated: May 26

With a global pandemic taking over and changing the entire climate of our daily lives – a lot of our plans have had to adapt to ‘from home’! Specifically for students, all their summertime plans to grow their repertoire of knowledge and experience beyond academics, has taken a slight backseat. In a tricky situation such as this one, parents may face a conundrum to make sure this short-term idleness doesn’t have a long-term effect on their child’s learning curve. What can be constituted as a wholesome alternative in a pressing scenario like this, is turning to modules that, at their core, were designed to be executed virtually to impact and propel more knowledge in an individual’s bandwidth of education!

We at TribesforGOOD believe that this lockdown time isn’t just about watching T.V, sleeping and doing those typical activities. We believe that the weeks of in-class and physical learning that students have missed out on, and are missing out on – can be replaced by our robust, virtual and relevant – Young Changemakers Program!

Why is the "Young Changemakers" Online Summer Program relevant for students today?

  1. The program is all about giving the correct tools, platform and exposure to students who foresee themselves as potential changemakers, wanting to make a difference in the world.

  2. It is a 2-month virtual program, which can be easily carried out from the comfort and safety of a home and still hold equal effectiveness and provide just as much growth and development.

  3. The program doesn’t have pre-set modules, and each changemaker is connected to a mentor – to get undivided attention and space to discover their passion for social change!

  4. Not only will there be opportunities to learn from and work closely with multiple communities and enterprises actually performing change at the forefront, the changemaker will themselves be part of those building a better future!

  5. It’s not just a module for learning, but it’s a platform that fosters a wholesome experience. Not only does it teach a whole lot of life skills, but it also encourages independence and a positive usage of time in a safe way!

All of this can be seen translated into some real-life and path-breaking projects that our changemakers have been successfully able to plan, implement and make a difference through!

For instance, we had 2 young changemakers design a podcast centred on Mental Health, called, ‘Littlebigproblems’. After 2 months of mentor-mentee sessions, ideating, being exposed to various shades of social entrepreneurship and mental health in India – these changemakers developed the podcast to spark a digital conversation and reach out to anybody battling a mental health obstacle. In a short while they got up to a 100 listens and were even featured on Apple Podcast and Spotify!

So don’t wait around, don’t let this quarantine time get the better of you, or your child! Sign up for our Young Changemakers Program today and begin your journey towards a life-altering chapter!

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