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Updated: Mar 3, 2019

My discovery of Tribes for GOOD (TFG) was nothing short of serendipitous. I was looking for an internship that would teach me loads of new skills, allow me to make a difference in society and

yet be flexible while I was at university and then I stumbled upon Tribes for GOOD on my university careers website.

Having browsed the Tribes for GOOD website, I immediately knew that I wanted to be work with this organisation. Tribes for GOOD had an interesting social enterprise focus that I hadn’t

really seen in the volunteering sector and one that I haven’t seen since. I like the idea that working with a social enterprise would be mutually beneficial for me and for Tribes for good, for as I

worked with TFG, I would be learning new skills and I would be able to help out with the actual organisation.

Applying for the internship was fairly simple. I followed the instructions on the website and sent over my CV and a covering letter explaining why I wanted to be a part of the TFG team!

Mandeep Kaur the Program Director for Tribes for Good in India got back to me the next day and said she’d been impressed with my application. Mandeep and I scheduled a meeting for

the next day. I was surprised and impressed by how everything moved. I was used to waiting days for a response back from organisations, but Mandeep showed me that Tribes for GOOD

was serious about the work they did and getting people involved.

I had my interview the next day it went really well! Mandeep asked the standard interview questions but also had loads to ask me about my availability and was very understanding when I told her about my university schedule. A few days later, Mandeep offered me the position and though I was very professional in my correspondence, I was super excited about having landed

such a unique opportunity.

Since then, I’ve worked with Mandeep quite seamlessly. We have a functional, accommodating schedule whereby Mandeep and I speak every Monday when she assigns me a new task for

that week. So far, I’ve helped her draft concept notes, write blog posts and think about how to get new people to hear about TFG. So far, this internship has tested my polyvalence, encourage

me to be an independent worker and has taught me the importance of reliability. Mandeep and I have had a wonderful partnership because she relies on me finishing my tasks and I trust that

she will never give me a task that would get in the way of my university work. All in all, this internship has been a great experience and I am excited to have been able to see Tribes for

GOOD in its seed form because I know that it will be a prominent social enterprise in the years to come.

If you are interested in joining our team, check our openings here.


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