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TribesforGOOD develops the potential of individuals as changemakers, through our culturally immersive, educational and impactful experiences in India.

Campus Ambassador: Your participation supports local initiatives!

“I was paired with women’s development organization

AfterTaste to assist with their social media strategy and

website development. It was empowering to know that I

was bringing to the table the right skillset to help

AfterTaste achieve their goals. What was most beneficial

was that much of what I had helped implement could be

utilized long after I was gone. I left with a better

understanding of the organization’s workings and wider

knowledge of the impact-sector, and they were able to

learn how to use social media to their advantage.”

Bianca Caruana, Founder The Altruistic Traveller


I still seem to be reflecting on my journey with TribesforGOOD and the goodness I was able to experience and take away with me. The organization is really changing the status quo of organization’s focused on volunteering abroad and approaching the topic in an ethical and sustainable way: understand the strengths and goals of participants, and the weaknesses and needs of organization’s in Mumbai focused on social impact.

Jazzmine Raine, Co-founder Hara House

"Because I’m committed to give as much love as I can in every situation that I can, I decided to join TribesforGOOD on their Social Impact Journey this November. Like me, TribesforGOOD is on a mission to overturn the dominant paradigm."

Pam Grout, New York Times Best selling Author

Wow, the November Social Impact Journey is done - and what a journey it was. It started with inspiring keynote speech from TribesforGOOD founder Mandeep Kaur on how ALL of us can make a difference in the world. We then went on to several educational, immersive experiences with social enterprises who are developing solutions to some of the world’s most complex social issues. We were learning from the people who ARE making a difference.

Jeanetta, HR Specialist

"Thank you Hannah for your contribution through your time and engaging the audience as a social media volunteer for Aftertaste. It was great to see your sincerity and dedication towards this. Through the posts over the last 1 month, we could create a potential lead for sales and also generate an order worth Rs 6000 for April, which added a lot of value. 

Shalini Dutta, Founder Aftertaste



5 Things I Learnt on TribesforGOOD's Social Impact Journey!



Coming to India and finding TribesforGOOD



Exploring the realm of Social Impact - A week with TribesforGOOD


Social Innovation: Empowering Women


JULY​ : 27nd - 2nd August, 2019

AUGUST: 1st -15th, 2019


Mumbai, India


Program Fee

Rs 68,000/ week; Rs 96,000/2 weeks 

OCTOBER​ : 12th - 18th, 2019

DECEMBER: 14th -24th, 2019


Bangalore, India


Program Fee

Rs 68,000/ week; Rs 96,000/2 weeks 

Apply by Oct'18