Retention of Tour Guides

1-3 weeks

Can be done Remotely 


Skills required: 

Strategy, HR, Communications


You will be put on a unique journey, tailored to your interests and skills, in which you will be able to, not only improve the immediate lives of young adults but also be able to impact the lives of the many generations to come in Mumbai, India!

  • Gain an understanding of the lives of the locals and the at-risk youth, and what initiatives are most impactful and needed to aid them.

  • Gain valuable and rare insight into the vision and mission of the organization.

  • Be able to witness the impact of your work.

  • Become (Single Handedly) responsible for the continuation/initiation of an operation/a project by a social enterprise.


  • Develop a timetable or procedure to be followed by employed tour guides.

  • A “check-in” plan or schedule to track the organizations employment data. This is inclusive of building relationships with at-risk youth that are hired by the Social Enterprise.

  • Illustrate the importance and impact of their work to the at-risk youth and leverage their interests through vital communication.

Personal Development

Expand your team building, social and communication skills.

Acquire Sectoral Knowledge

Deepen your knowledge about Tourism in India.

Scalable Impact

The recycling of your  strategy creates sustainable and scalable change.

Volunteering Length

1-3 weeks (remote/ onsite)


Application Fee: Rs 5,000/ US $75

Program Fee: Rs 10,000/ US$ 154


Applications are accepted on rolling basis.

The organisation is focussed on highlighting and removing negative views about Dharavi - Asia's largest slum. The organisation hires young adults from the community and trains them to become tour guides. The added income help the young adults in finishing their college degrees.


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TribesforGOOD develops the potential of individuals as changemakers, through our culturally immersive, educational and impactful experiences in India.

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