Visual Storyteller

Visual Storytelling

1-3 weeks

Mumbai, India

Skills required: Storytelling, Content Research, Photography, Videomaking

 Travel to different cities in India to collect stories of change.



  • Visit different cities in India and get to experience, first hand, stories of change.

  • Produce high-impact visual narratives that fuel awareness and inspire action.

  • Capture the essence of the cause in a manner that represents the mission or vision of the organisation through visual media.

  • Create a consistent visual identity in the form of photographs and videos that can be used to garner attention and awareness.


You will be presented with the once-in-a-lifetime mission to improve the educational infrastructure of rural schools in India villages! Through your unique talents, you will be able to provide the organisation with the unique opportunity to visually represent their mission and vision to the world.

Your visual storytelling media will be a key tool used by the organisation to make connections with prospective donors and other enterprises in an authentic and sincere way.  You will play a key role in helping NGOs continue to operate, whilst also being provided with a unique immersion experience. You will be granted on-the-ground access to their centers and be able to witness the beneficiaries and the work the foundation does on a day-to-day basis. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Impact Lives

 Impact lives of many generations to come in Maharashtra, India.

Understand the organisation

Gain valuable and rare insight into the vision and mission of the organization.

Personal Development

Expand your team building, social and communication skills.

Scalable Impact

The recycling of your fundraising strategy creates sustainable and scalable change.

Acquire Sectoral Knowledge

Deepen your knowledge about 'Education' system in India.


Join a network & community of social change professionals.

The organisation is dedicated for helping rural children in receiving quality and all-round education by improving their reading, writing and learning skills through quality education infrastructure under its StudyMall project in villages. The vision is to provide better educational facilities in rural areas. 


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