We believe volunteering is at the heart of growth of achieving sustainable development goals. However, volunteering has gained negative media attention due to the possible adverse impacts that unskilled volunteering can have on a community -orphanage volunteering being the prime example. TribesForGOOD is shaking up the volunteer industry by introducing a new concept of volungearing where individuals are equipped/trained to successfully offer their skills in the social impact sector. This concept gives well-meaning individuals an alternative option to the current saturated market that is voluntourism - a $173 billion dollar industry driven mostly by travel companies. 

Participate in Socio- Economic & Environmental Solutions 

Goal Based Volunteering

Social Media Ninja 

Duration:1-6 weeks

Location: Remote 

Skills required: Communications, Writing, Social Media 

Volunteer -Online Fundraising 

Duration: 1-8 weeks

Location: Remote 

Skills required: Communications, Writing, Social Media 

Aiding in the Management and Retention of Tour Guides

Duration: 1-3 weeks

Location: Remote 

Skills required: HR,Strategy

Volunteer - Social Media Strategist

Duration: 1-8 weeks

Location:  Remote /On site

Skills required: Communications, Writing, Social Media 


Email Marketing 

Duration: 1-8 weeks

Location:  Remote 

Skills required: Communications, English proficency 

Volunteer -Visual Storytelling

Duration: 1-3 weeks

Location: Mumbai

Skills required: Content Research, Photography, Videomaking

By becoming a premium member, you unlock verified projects across India. 

APPPLY FOR volunteering


Lock your position by paying the application fee.


Online training: Learn the innovative approaches and solutions to social-change problems and your volunteering role.


Start your assignment either remotely or at the location. Work with local entrepreneurs to solve some of the most pressing issues in India. 


Finish the volunteering assignment, submit documents and get feedback.

Volunteering Length

4-8 weeks (remote/ onsite)


Application Fee (One Time Charge):

Rs 5,000/ US $75

Program Fee (Upon Acceptance):      Rs 10,000/ US$ 154


Applications are accepted on rolling basis.

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